Toddler Activity – Finger Painting

Now that Jana has found a little comfort with getting messy with paints she loves getting down right dirty with them and I love watching her do it! I asked if she wanted to finger paint and she goes ‘Yes’ (she decided herself ‘yes’ was better then ‘yeah’) so I went ahead and starting preparing everything with her.

How it works:

We first taped some magazine sheets or you can use newspaper to cover whatever table you’ll be using. I sat her outside, as this is the only outside activity we do these days because of lack of nature around us! She put her bib on and helped me squeeze out the different colours. She went straight for it and smacked her hands deep into the paints. This is good sensory play when they can use their hands to feel. She can not draw anything apart from squiggles so in order to help her enjoy drawing and not get frustrated, I dipped my fingers in the paint and made three dots on the sheet of paper. I then asked her to connect the dots which made a triangle. She loved the idea! She’s still learning to draw lines too so asked me to do it in the end but she’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Once they can do more complex shapes you can create animal shapes too or trees and flowers.

We filled a bucket of water to get her cleaned up after and she had a ball of a time splashing in the bucket of course.

You can use endless items for mark making. One of the things that could work better with finger paints is collage. Cut up some already painted or just coloured tissue paper and stick them on just using the paints. You can even try to use cereals with different shapes. I will put up a recipe of edible paints if anyone is interested, this way if the child wants to eat the cereal with paints on you won’t need to worry!

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