Expat Life

The first couple of months being in Doha have seemed more like a long holiday. The fact that none of our belongings are here (apart from clothes and necessities) made it feel even more so. It has been a couple of days since we’ve moved into our compound villa. Buying furniture for the house has been exciting as well as exhausting but most importantly it’s given us the feeling of finally putting our home together. We are starting to belong. 

There are a lot of pros of living in the Middle East. The luxury of having a maid, a live in nanny for those of you with children, lots of help in terms of bringing up children but at the same time there are no boundaries for them. There is endless amounts of fun, a lot of emphasis on food, gadgets, and just the general going out culture. 

We have a lovely bunch of neighbours. It’s fun knowing you can ring their doorbell at any time of night and they will (mostly) be happy to see you – they are that kind of bunch. Come weekends, there’s chaos on the compound streets with kids buzzing with energy. Our weekends usually (I’m saying usually but the two weekends we’ve spent here) comprise of either home shopping or mostly eating out. 

Jana desperately needed an activity to help use up energy and get her moving. We found a sports club not far from home, which has all sorts of amazing Activites for toddlers. I love that Qatar has so much emphasis on sports. In the summer the weather won’t allow for outdoor activities during the day but that doesn’t stop anyone going for it! They have indoor facilities, outdoor covered areas etc I can’t wait to try out most of these sports for Jana. (And there’s things for me to try too!) we started with toddler basketball this morning and it was amazing fun to watch her. 

We’re settling into a good routine here although the only thing keeping us from being homesick is the anticipation of the next family member coming to visit us. Right now we have Saqibs brother and family visiting start of April which gives us an incentive to work towards in terms of house and getting a schedule sorted for them to make the most of their time here. 

We’re also looking into finalising a school we like for Jana although it’s still very early we want to be prepared as we hear places get taken up pretty quickly. 

There’s plenty to keep us occupied, a lot to look forward to. 


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