Toddler Activity -Recognising Numbers

I’ve been trying to find ways to start working with numbers with Jana and how to start on some very simple maths equations. I know it sounds super early perhaps, but the level at which she takes it in, mashAllah, is amazing to watch and so I teach her whatever I think she might be ready for and if she struggles that’s fine. We’ll leave it and come back to it in another couple of weeks.

This is a super simple fun activity that we made on the spot.


Recognising and sorting numbers.

How it works:

We used our number flash cards and started by pointing out which number was where. We then laid them out (making a long track) sorting the numbers out in ascending order. I would do this by asking her to count and see what number comes next. She would tell me and then retrieve the card too. (She usually prefers me to hand the card to her. She wouldn’t look through a bunch of cards to find the right number!!) Repeat these words ‘what comes next?’ Or ‘what comes after this number?’ To help them realise how were sorting the numbers out.

We moved right on up to number fifteen then we added some of her toys. We learnt about vegetables at the same time here! Her toy vegetables needed to be placed on the correct card. I’d hand her a vegetable and say place it on the number so and so. She recognised 1-10 quite well now. She’s slowly realising the pattern to the next five numbers after that.

You can do a gross motor activity where you have large number either written on the floor or using giant foam numbers. You call out a number and ask your toddler to jump on it 5 times! Next hop on to number 3. Act like a bunny on number 7 and so on. They get all excited and giggly and it’s lots of fun for the both of you!

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