Top 5 Nutty Treats

Honey Nut Bars


So this recipe I have only just recently come across. It was meant to be! I love granola bars + nuts + honey! This is a combination of all those things. It’s the easiest thing to make and substitues for all the unhealthy snacks you reach for when you feel like munching in between meals.This food blog has some really interesting finds, go check it out!

Peanut Butter Granola Bar


At the sprouted kitchen, I came across this recipe for granola bar that incorporates peanut butter. I’m always looking for recipes that include peanut butter as I love love love the taste but can’t stand eating it straight from the tub or spreading on toast. I also love chocolate ( I mean, who doesn’t?!) so this is a win win! A healthy treat that includes all of my most favorite ingredients.

Almond Joy Granola


This recipe for almond granola is super fun. I’m always stuck for healthy breakfast ideas and since granola is one of my favorites, I’ve opted to start making it at home instead of store bought. I love a good crunch and this goes perfectly with almond milk – yum yum. The minimalist baker is one of my most favorite food blogs to visit on a regular basis for some inspiration! Go check out their impressive set of recipes.

Savory Roasted Almonds


Almonds are my favorite nuts, next to pecans and this savory recipe is everything! It looks so deliciously satisfying, I can’t wait to make a batch since I have everything I need! This is another recipe from the sprouted kitchen which I love (and you probably guessed how much I love the sprouted kitchen!). These will probably only keep for about 5 days if stored properly in an air tight container then upto a week but will they last a week? THAT is the question!

Buffalo Spice Almonds


Ok, so I have yet to try this recipe out but how amazing do these buffalo spice almonds look?! You’ll find this recipe over at the almond eater, she knows what shes talking about! I am going crazy making nutty treats to stop myself binge eating while I’m bored at home and almonds are the quickest, easiest, most nutritious treat I could ask for. Add a little flavour and BAM! Yum, yum.


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