Ramadan Calender Activity 

Alhamdulilah, Ramadan has arrived but despite all the preparations I still felt unprepared at first. Getting towards the end of the first week though, I feel like I’ve found my stride and finding it to be quite productive for myself and for Jana. 

Today I wanted to share with you an activity I prepared for Jana to do this month. I basically bought this pack from Silver Envelope here in Doha but this can also be handmade at home using materials you already have. 

Aim: This should keep your child engaged and interested whilst teaching them a bit about Ramadan. Depending on their ages you can add various notes inside these pouches for everyday. It could be as simple as smile at everyone you see today – smiling is charity! If you wanted to teach your child smaller duas or surahs you could add that for the day instead to keep their interest. 

I’ve made a list of the things I’ve put into my Calender to give you some ideas, inshallah hope this benefits both you and your child. 

How it works: this pack comes with a Calender, paper bags, string, pegs and stickers. The Calender has numbered squares and the stickers are also numbered. I’ve sorted them into the bags numbered by the days of Ramadan so each day Jana takes a bag and puts a sticker on the chart. I’ve also written and cut out things for her to do and added seperately to these bags. 

Then we read the card together to see the activity to do for that day. According to the activity you can decide when to do them. 

This can be a way to teach your  child to be patient! My little one is super impatient and wants to put all the stickers on but so far we’ve managed to hold back from that urge and wait till the mornings to open a new bag!

This is the list that I made for our Calender:

1 make moonlight binoculars

2 bake Ramadan cookies

3 build a masjid with blocks

4 make a moon collage

5 read a Ramadan story

6 give someone a hug 

7 plant some seeds

8 recite the kalma

9 make a play dough moon

10 visit children at the orphanage

11 meet your neighbours

12 help mummy in kitchen

13 make dhikr beads

14 write a thank u letter to someone you love

15 say hello to everyone 

16 write a thank u note for your librarian

17 smile at everyone 

18 give flowers to someone

19 donate money from charity box 

20 Do dua for parents

21 visit sick at the hospital

22 make handmade Ramadan gift

23 make Ramadan treats 

24 make a care package

25 make an eid decor chain

26 make a list of people you are thankful for

27 make eid cards 

28 put up eid lights 

29 bake eid cookies or cake 

30 have fun with henna

You can also add treats or small toys to the bag for even smaller children. 

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