Singapore -The Lion City

When imagining Singapore, I only thought of tall infrastructures, a dazzling skyline and the hustle bustle of a city sprawling with tourists. I wasn’t too far off in terms of the number of tourists in Singapore but I was very pleasently surprised at the beauty of it! There was an abundant amount of trees and greenery which was so pleasing to the eyes, especially since we’ve been living in the desert for the past six months. We found ourselves with in awe of all the natural beauty and the man made structures too.

Saqib is more into city breaks and the idea of big theme parks i.e. Universal studios which also leads us to his obsession with dinosaurs which leads us to Jurassic park. I’ve been wanting an outdoor experience. More hands on. I like to be out in the wild and with nature. It just turned out so perfect to be in the middle of a country that accomodated what we were both looking for. (more hubby then me, but I got a bit of green to last me a while)


Sofitel Hotel, Sentosa Island

The late prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew or LKY, wanted to plant as many trees as possible within the 278 sq miles of land! Such a small country but filled with such amazing people. One of the nicest people we have come across to date. Every single cab driver was well informed and well mannered. They were educated kind, generous people. Singapore is ranked 8th globally for the ‘best quality of life’. It ranks high up for education right after the top 5 scandinavian countries. It is also ranked as one of the highest ranking choices for food lovers and shoppers. Personally, i wasn’t very impressed with the food even though me and hubby are quite adventurous at trying new things!

Our first night we stayed in and caught up on our sleep (at least I did, whilst the other two used hotel facilities) The following day was Eid and we’d decided to check out Sultan Mosque and the shops down Haji Lane. Surprise surprise, we woke up super late and so by the time we arrived (mid afternoon) everything seemed to be closed. It’s a national holiday on Eid and most things open in the evening. We explored while some shops started opening their shutters. They had really cute, one of a kind pieces for homes and I was so tempted to buy it all. I ended up buying a ceramic wind chime with cute little cows and colourful beads.



Singapore is hot, not Doha hot. It’s humid. The sun was at it’s peak when we were out and we were all sticky and icky! I don’t know if I was happy or sad about the occassional blasts of air conditioner I felt walking past the shops. (imagine the carbon footprint!) On the whole though, Singapore is very much ‘green’ compared to many countries. It’s one of the cleanest countries you will find. They have a very heavy fine (maybe jail term too?) for anyone chewing gum/throwing gum on the streets. That’s how you keep a country in check. Then again, it is quite a small land so it’s easier to keep everyone in check.

Back to what I saying, it was hot so we made a stop at a cute little cafe called Shop Wonderland. I loved the decor. I loved the menu. I love love loved the ice cold drink to quench our thirst. It was so me!


Gorgeous Dried Flower Arrangement.


We preceeded to window shop a little more before we decided the heat was too much and headed towards our next destination for the day – Gardens by the Bay.

Now, this is a gorgeous plot of land dedicated to all things botanical. There is a huge flower dome with a staggering range of flower species from carnivorous to succulents to baobabs and bottle trees. It is truly a stunning sight. It has been recorded as the biggest greenhouse in the world holding the guiness 2015 record.

Another dome situated right next to the flower dome was the Cloud Forest. This was a real beauty. Stepping in you see the big mountain top with the beautiful sound of the water falling. You take a climb on this mountain to view the stunning hidden gems and diverse vegetation with a nice view of the Marina Bay waterfront. Our eyes were hungry for some natural beauty and we coundn’t have found a better place to satisfy our need for greenery. I didn’t realise how much I would actually miss nature until I moved to Doha!


LEGO plants incorporated with the real deal.


Beautiful Displays.


Amazing woodwork sculptures.


There were beautifully carved figures made from a single piece of wood scattered all over the gardens. They were stunning works of art on their own. These peices were mostly made in China and delivered especially for the gardens.


Photopost from our trip to Singapore coming soon.

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