Daily Prompt: Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence

I’ve hit a mental wall where I need some silence. In my head. In my space.

I want to be able to hear myself think just for a second! There’s so much chaos and despite my best efforts, things never go the way you plan. Not all the time atleast.

I want to read in silence.

I want to eat in silence.

I want to think in silence.

I want to go to the toilet in silence.

But what I really want, is none of the above.

However tierd I get, or frustrated or angry at not having any time to myself, I realise this is what I’ve wanted my whole life. Surrounded by family who love me!

I love the sound of the tiny voice that wakes me up and demands alertness the moment I open my eyes and before my brain can comprehend any of it.

I love the clatter of plates and cuttlery when I’m setting the table up so everyone can enjoy a nice meal together.

I love reading over the sound of the blaring music in the living room and a screaming toddler telling me she needs mummy to take her to the toilet for the millionth time.

I love having company in the toilet.

So in actual fact, despite the mental wall that I may have hit, the last thing I want is silence.




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