Toddler Activity – Stringing Buttons

We whipped up this activity on the spot when we couldn’t find any string to put the buttons through! It’s a fun fine motor activity that teaches colour co-ordination as well as strengthens the muscles on those tiny little fingers.


Stringing the buttons through the pipe cleaners. I had my tot match the colours too. Don’t worry if your child refuses to co-ordinate the colours, they will get the hang of it over time and you can try colours again.

How it works:

It is what it is – stringing buttons on the pipe cleaners. You can make it as creative as you like. We started off co-ordinating colours with the pipe cleaner colours. We then proceeded to do multi colours and turned them into bracelets and anklets.

Another way is using numbers – 5 Blue Buttons on the Blue Pipe cleaner.

You can maybe even use your childs age as the number – You are 3 years old, can you put three buttons on this pipe cleaner?

Keeps them busy for a while and it’s a safe activity to leave them to.

Needs To Be a Witch Whilst Playing This


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