Toddler Activity – Sensory Rice/Cous cous scooping

I’ve involved myself a lot into Janas play times since I started posting activities on my blog. Even more so recently as I realised how much I was relying on screens to entertain her. This lead me to start following so many amazing pages on Instagram who have fabulous ideas on how to learn through play.

I do find myself frustrated sometimes at the amount of resources and knowledge at my fingertips but still lacking to do as much as I want to. Sometimes I don’t actually have the materials needed. Some days I’m too lazy to sit through a new activity with her. Some days we have so much fun you wouldn’t know it’s learning!

This activity stems from my need to teach Jana how to start using her own utensils. She used to be a lot more independent before she turned two. Now she realises anything she is able to do herself, means mummy can spend that time doing her own thing. So shes refused to eat with a spoon by herself although she is capable.

Anyway, we made a game out of it (saw this on one of the instagram accounts) and here it is.


Scoop the grains and try to put them into the silicone cupcake cases (or any other small object)

How it works:

This helps increase her fine motor skills to scoop and aim properly to pour the grains into the containers.

I used a tray to put all the tools on and a smaller lid of a box to put all the grains into so they don’t end up everywhere! I sat her on the table and watched her go. It required a lot of concentration and I was happy to see that she was enjoying it.

After we had a good go with the scooping we used the rice to trace letters onto and make the sounds while we did it! We’ve been practising our letters on different forms, this way allows for sensory play. Sand is another good form to trace on.

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