Does a Zebra Fly? – Book Activity

In my previous post I shared how I’ve been following some instagramers that have taught me how to help Jana learn through play. The ideas are endless and so simple. This is another idea I got from there. It encourages reading from a young age as well as getting creative. 

The idea is to chose one book per week you can read and explore and base your art work or any further exploration based on the characters or concept in this book. This week we chose ‘Does a zebra fly?’ Based on this book (and Janas obsession with zebras) we created a master piece.

We’re trying to use a lot of different mediums to get the child to explore what they like best. My kid gets excited with paints. She used to be anxious about getting messy but now loves to paint everyday and gets her hands into the activity – mostly ends up painting her own hands at the end of an activity. 

In this activity we also use paints. 

What you need: 

A box (we used a shoe box)

Black paint

Print out or drawing


I haven’t been able to get my hands on any marbles so I ended up using a small wooden bead. The idea is for it to be heavy enough to roll after being dragged across the paint. 

You can create a drawing or print out a zebra picture and fit into the box. Add a small amount of paint on one corner depending on the consistency of the paint. If it’s runny, add a very small amount. If not, then add slightly more. We then dropped the ball on the paint, closed the lid and shook the box around. 

When we opened the box, our zebra had stripes! We did this twice because the first time we had too much paint and we ended up painting our zebra all black. Plus Jana wanted to have a go without any help the second time around so I laid everything out for her to do by herself. 

This can be as mess free as you make it for the extra nervous mum and dads out there. I get nervous when it comes to paint but now that my child has painted the walls, the nervousness has disappeared and I allow that mess as long as it’s contained in her playroom only! Of course I still don’t allow her to paint the walls so freely but I don’t mind the blotches that she’s already added. 


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