Home – DIY Succulent Terraniums

So as you know I’ve been posting about gardening, the benefits plus I’ve been wanting to get my hands on all sorts of plants. Doha is a bit dry and really lacks greenery. So much so that it has become an eye sore to see brown sand everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about experiencing all kinds of outdoor adventures and weather. It’s true though that it has really bothered me how we don’t even have a small patchof grass in our new home. 

So I’ve been on an expedition to make the outside of our house as green as I’ve managed to make it indoors! I started with a small tree that I’ve placed outside the front door which, by the way, I am so in love with at the moment. I don’t even want my husband parking his car up front so as not to block the view of my beautiful addition. 

This post is actually about a DIY project I did at home today where I planted my own little succulents in a terranium. I got a set of three glass containers to pot them into from IKEA. They were the perfect size to get me started. I also found the stones I was looking for but I’m sure you can get them cheaper from your nursery and also in bulk. 

I had bought my plants from the nursery a couple days ago. I got some cactus (also from IKEA) that had flowered, which adds a beautiful colour. 

I then opened Pinterest and got some cheeky tips on what not to do the rest was quite straight forward. The real challenge from now, is keeping them alive! Wish me luck. 


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