Marshmallow Structures – STEM

This activity has been popping up all over the place and I have been itching to try with Jana. Main reason being it’s so simple and I had most ingredients at home (apart from toothpicks). It also looks quite fun. 

I had a bag of marshmallows that had been left open but just never threw out thinking they might come in handy. I was right! They did come in very handy. I bought another pack just to compare how the stale ones would work and the fresh soft ones. 

I laid out the ingredients and said to Jana that we’re making a building today. We can go high or wide and see what stands the best. 

We worked with the stale ones first because Jana was eager to start eating them rather then do what I’d laid out for her *eye roll* so anyway, it didn’t take her long to figure out what to do. We talked about what worked better – working with more toothpicks to hold them together? Less? Wider at the bottom? Etc her tiny little fingers worked quite hard getting the toothpicks inside the marshmallow (they were quite hard!) of course I helped. 

With the amount of stale marshmallows we had, this structure worked best. (Also, just noticing the colour coordination – that was not me!) 

Moving on to the soft ones, we had to do a taste first, obviously. They were yummy and squishy. Inserting the toothpick wasn’t as easy as the stale ones, they weren’t as stable either. Kept falling to the side as they were too heavy for the toothpicks. 

Jana wanted to make an aeroplane instead, so we played aeroplanes. 

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