The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Book Activity

This week we did one of the classics and also one story Jana loves reading over and over again and she always finds something new that fascinates her. The reason we chose this book, is what’s so interesting about this process (for me at least!) 

Jana was in the toilet playing with the toilet roll (as you do) I came up to her and asked her what she was doing. 

‘I’m making cocoons mummy.’ And she pointed to the little rolled up pieces of tissue she had made. I loved how it was her who came up with idea of making the cocoons with no inspiration from me. Also, we hadn’t read the very hungry caterpillar in a while but she obviously remembers the book well. 

We then searched for more items in her drawers to see what other material could resemble a cocoon (and something that can be moulders easily) we found some cotton stuffing and decided to go with that. 

We both found a green pipe cleaner caterpillar each which we hid in the cocoons. They then emerged from within having become beautiful butterflies. For this we got some coloured and patterned paper and cut into wings. 

This is not the kind of activity you can leave the kids to but it’s fun to explore the process of how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. Whilst making our characters we discussed what happens and why it happens. Of course it helps to have done a little bit of reading before you do this in case your toddler asks you questions you don’t have the answer to! 


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