Cloud in a Jar – STEM

As you know you we’ve been doing a lot of gardening, planting, repotting etc so naturally I’ve told Jana about how plants need water to survive and grow. We spoke about rain water and clouds and ended up making some cotton wool clouds that we’ve tied to pieces of string and hung from our stairs where we keep our seedlings. (Its so the seedlings can get water to grow of course)

That made me do a little research about how to teach her more about clouds. She’s loving science experiments so I thought it could be a little experiment for us.

Here’s what you need:

  • Shaving foam
  • Water
  • Jug
  • Blue food colour

It’s very simple and it’s more about the science behind the experiment you need to talk about. Thanks to the go jetters (CBeebies) she had already seen an episode where they talked about clouds so she knew what I was talking about!

In the jug filled with water spray the shaving foam on the top (the thinner the layer the better this will work) you pour two drops (or so) of blue food colouring onto the shaving foam and wait for it to seep through the ‘clouds’. It was fun waiting and finally watching the blue infiltrate the water. This uses food colouring to visually illustrate the coming down of the rains.

Our first time we put too much food colouring so the water quickly turned blue!

The science behind it:

We spoke about how when the sun warms up large bodies of water it becomes water vapour, raises into the sky where the temperatures drop again forcing the vapour to form into clouds. When the clouds fill up with water, it rains. I know it can all seem to much to tell a toddler but I find it’s better to tell my tot the whole science as she actually absorbs it all and may later ask me the big words. (And I try my best to explain!)

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