5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

It’s been a while since I updated what I’m into these days and having reread my last post on ‘Things I Love’, I don’t seem as random as I once thought I was! So let’s see:

  • I mentioned I was really into Islamic geometry in the last post and tomorrow is my last lesson in an Islamic geometry class that I started a month or so ago. I didn’t really know just how OCD I was about keeping in line or having everything symmetrical in my artwork (no wonder I couldn’t just let go when trying to get in the zone!) until I started this. Let me tell you, I feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I’m working on a piece. It may not be for everyone, but for me, I am completely in the zone with my ruler and colouring pencils – I think I found my niche!


  • I’m still not super passionate about being in the kitchen every single day but I have taken a step in the right direction. Baby J and I planted our very own vegetable seeds and already have some sprouts – fingers crossed – they won’t die on us! I’ve been keeping an extra close eye. The weather is simply perfect right now – the right amount of sun and attention from me might just be all it takes. (singing and talking to plants never hurt anyone either right?)


  • My pile of books are growing larger by the day and I love the nerdy side of me. I seem to be combining my love for books and house decor by taking over any wall space in the house to put up shelves for books! Whether it’s cook books, baby J’s books, my books, Saqib’s books and oh of course, baby books! So far, height order will do but I feel a sense of OCD bleeding over from my love of symmetry – I predict the need to chronologically organise everything coming up. Oh dear God.


  • My new obsession would probably be the love to bring all of the natural outdoor goodness into my house. Anything green that purifies air needs to be inside my house. I’ve got all sizes big, small, tall, shruby, spiky, succulents, terraniums, bushy, oudoorsy, eadible and I’m considering adding a live wall on the stairway with the beautiful light coming in for most of the day! It’s beginning to look like a jungle and I love it. Saqib on the other hand isn’t very happy about the sudden increase in insects inside the house. I didn’t even notice and to be fair – it is just the one plant that seems to attract them all! (might need moving to the back garden)




Go over to my post from earlier on in the year and see how scary it is that I’ve managed to keep my interests in fairly one direction. It must mean I’m growing up.


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