Toddler Activity – Rainbow Math Activity

I found that baby J picked up number activities, rather quickly, ever since she was little so I’ve been searching for math activities for her to make it more fun. I came across this on Nurture store – a kids learning site that is full of resources for all age groups. 

Jana and I both browsed the internet for activities we wanted to do (and had the materials for) when we came across this. She liked the fact it was so colourful I think! 

We always put any recyclable materials into the art drawers in her playroom because you just never know what you can turn them into! So of course we had plenty of toilet rolls to play around with. 


  • 6-8 toilet rolls
  • Paints or coloured card
  • Pom poms 
  • Children’s tweezers

How it works:

I altered this slightly from the original but it can work depending on what materials you have and what your child loves working with. 

First we painted our toilet rolls in bright rainbow colours. For this part you can always just stick coloured cardboard around the top. We then cut out some paper for the numbers that we stuck on top of the toilet rolls. 

Jana loves using the scissors and she did a pretty good job cuting out the tracing of the circles I did for her. Great fine motor practise here. 

Once these are all dried you can start using for your play. We used Pom poms. Jana used her tweezers to count the correct number of Pom poms to put into each roll. We went on to do some addition with these. Depending on the age of your children you can vary how difficult the games can be. You can do subtraction too. 

Lots of fine motor practise while playing with numbers. 

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