Turning Three

As with any milestone, there have been so many changes in my little bean sprout that seems to be shooting up at an alarming rate (mashAllah). She makes me so proud and so damn irritated with her within a span of a few minutes. I feel I might explode having to deal with so many emotions! Then I think about all the big emotions she must be feeling and not knowing what they are can probably be a reason for being so annoying sometimes. Sometimes. 

Other times she may have just needed to jump in the car a certain way and when you allowed her to walk in the car all by herself you caused hinderence in her plan to do so. Which of course leads to a very high pitched tantrum. So I have to chose – do I tantrum with her by getting all stroppy and mad about having to stop the car and allow her to get in the car her desired way? Or do I just allow those 5 minutes of my life to be replayed smoothly over again and remain calm and parent like? I mostly go with the first option. Which makes me realise my strop is making her more stroppy. Which makes the situation ten times worse. Which takes a decade to get back to ‘normal’. Which makes a bad day, week, month. Then I opt for controling my temper. 

It’s been a lot harder to handle her changes this time around. Turning two seems like a piece of cake in hindsight. (Although maybe at that time I was panicking just as much) she’s been extra whiny, demanding, screaming, hitting. I was getting mad at her for doing all this until I realise it was me who changed more for her to react like this. 
I’ve been lethargic, wanting to sleep all day (if you know me, SO not like me) feeling nauseous and just not myself. Which leads to not being able to spend all that time with her. Those crucial moments that keep her happy and functioning! In all this chaos we do have some good news though….

Look at that face! xoxo


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