Follow the Lines – Toddler Activity

Here I am trying to find ways to teach my toddler the shapes of the letters considering I want to send her to school this year for various reasons that were unforeseen! (Otherwise she’d be home until she turned 6!) anyway, having said that, I noticed she had already developed an interest in writing her names. Notice I said names, not name. It includes all her pretend names too e.g. Princess poppy, holly (from ben and holly) to name a few. She wrote out a perfect H-O-L-L-Y on a card we made for dad on return from his trip, even though it was all positioned the wrong way around, the letters were perfect! She only needed help remembering what a Y looked like. 

So I thought it’s a good time to make some letter games up with her. She’s always pestering me and I wish I could be more creative on a moments notice! I saw this on a fellow bloggers page. 

I wrote out her name in capital letters on a big piece of paper. I then gave her colourful stickers in different shapes (even one shape will do, I used these because that’s all I had) then I asked her to follow the lines using the stickers and it kept her busy for a long while mummies! Great for when your trying to get some chores done, it will keep them busy long enough for you to get some time alone!  


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