Funny Life 

It’s past midnight and I am caught in a funny realisation at how quickly life changes. How quickly situations change and, in turn, how a person can change. A while ago I was sat across my bedroom, on another bed, waiting for my mother in law to fall asleep. She has quite a big personality and makes an impression on most people she meets and yet here she was. She seemed so fragile and suddenly reliant on me (a heavily pregnant woman) when in all the time I’ve known her, she’s never had the need to ask for anything because she was capable of handling it herself. She was falling asleep and I said a silent prayer for. For her recovery, her strength, for her to return to who she was. 
I walked across back to my bedroom and there lay another little dependant. Again, so fragile and yet, at a very different stage of her life. Children and the elderly seem to have a lot in common. She lay so unaware of everything around her, so safe and snug. 

Then my mind wandered to myself. I stood right in the middle of life that mum has seen and been through and for my daughter to experience still in her grown up years inshallah. It’s funny how life threw us together at this time. What’s not funny is how I strangely depend on these two the way they depend on me. 


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