Flying Teabag – STEM

We’re back to doing our experiments and activities even with our new addition. Being back home has helped Jana be more relaxed and our daily routine is slowing coming back to her. Everyday she’ll ask for something like ‘can we do our volcano experiment today?’ ‘Can we plant seeds?’ ‘Do we have any paints left to do some painting activity?’ I really love hearing these requests because she’s still so keen on doing these. I’m still trying to get myself into a routine of some sort with the new baby and so I didn’t want to do something as messy as a volcano experiment instead she reminded me of the teabag experiment.

I absolutely love this experiment because of the simplicity and ease of it but also the science behind it is easier to explain (my tot is able to grasp complex ideas of the way things are – so easier to explain in that sense!) also it looks beautiful!

All you need are some teabags and a lighter or matchsticks to light it up. I found that the Lipton teabags with the long string at the end work the best. To start off, open the string end and cut off the top end (the end with the staple in it) and empty the loose tea out to create a prism-like shape.

Can you see the flame in mid air? That’s our teabag! It’s the best because I get the loudest laughs from Jana! I bought a box of teabags just for this and especially when we just need to lighten the mood up.


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