Considering I live with a three year old and a two month old, most days in our house hold play out quite nicely. Less then one tantrum a day is a big victory!

Then there are those days. The days you wish you could just fast forward to where everyone has gone to sleep and you crash right where you are because the intensity of that moment is too much to bear. The day your husband has an evening shift and so youโ€™ve got the task of single handedly bathing the older one, rocking the baby to sleep who refuses to be put down even for a second, trying not to get soaked in the giant splashes that your toddler finds hilarious, all the while getting more and more lost in the cacophony of the laughter and screams echoing across the bathroom tiles. They tag teamed me and I never saw it coming.

There should be a special Nobel prize to honour mothers.



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