Day 3 – 30 Days of Hygge

It’s the weekend and this morning I let my husband have a lie in (he never refuses a lie in) and took both my girls out for pancakes! Ok so the little one just had pancake infused milk but the point is we spend some time with each other. While baby slept, Jana and I had some quality screen free time (which seems so difficult some days as she’s becoming increasingly obsessive with gaming) discussing her favourite characters, what theme she’s thought of having for her party, how much she loves the volcano experiment and why can’t we see Venus every night from Earth mummy?

Sure enough baby woke up started crying, refused milk, wanted to be held while I had yet to pay the bill, was told I could only pay by cash, gave the baby to the waitress, ran to get some cash out. Suddenly Jana realised where’s baby? Ran back, tried to explain we weren’t leaving baby behind! Finally gathered all our belongings and dumped everyone in the car.

Special moment over, time to go home!


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