Day 6 – 30 Days of Hygge

My favourite hygge moment is when I am able to make time for Jana. She’s my fiercest form of love, my Achilles heal, my everything. We shared our dinner (spaghetti & meatballs) and made our way to her bedroom where we had the most wonderful giggles. She lay in my arms for a while then asked me to turn off the lights so she could fall asleep in my arms. I got up. She tried to get comfy in my arms again but was struggling so I said lie on the pillow to which she got so upset and agitated! So I said ‘let’s try again’

‘But it’s not as comfy as before mummy’ *sobbing*

‘How about you lay on the pillow and I’ll give you a hug instead?’

‘Ok’ *sniff*

My bestest little bud.


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