Day 12 – 30 Days of Hygge

I’m at a stage in my life where I feel all I do in a day is feed my baby, put her to sleep and repeat. If I’m not doing that, I’m preparing food for or feeding the toddler. It’s not easy finding meaning in everyday routine jobs. It’s easy to get lost and wonder what your purpose of being is! I get very easily depressed when I start thinking of how my routine is benefiting anyone? I want to be out there making a difference.

Then I get a reminder when I need it the most. It’s strange and very difficult to explain but one way or another I will get a strong reminder of putting my 100% into what I’m doing because this is my jihaad. It can be as simple as being awake all night with your baby because she needs to be held.

I am raising little humans. It’s terrifying when I think of the responsibility! My job is to raise them to be kind, generous functioning members of society who are contributing in making the world a better place. That is my only job right now and I have to give it my all otherwise I will have failed. All the lessons I’m learning and teaching wouldn’t matter if I can’t immerse myself fully into my job and understand that this journey is what I’m meant to enjoy. It’s beautiful and it is now.


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