Day 20 – 30 Days of Hygge

The lack of sleep over the past couple of weeks finally caught up with me and I couldn’t take it. I was drowsy and exhausted all day! I wanted to forget everything and just curl up in a nice cozy bed but I couldn’t. If it wasn’t Jana, it was baby who wouldn’t sleep. So I held baby and helped her sleep. I even held her while she slept because she was having one of her difficult days where she struggles with sleep. I didn’t doze off with her in my arms. I just held her. That night, again, I only managed five hours. We like being up before the sun, you see.

I am usually tired a lot these days and it’s understandable considering the baby. Its crazy, but I really missed these times! The waking up at odd hours of the night, nursing my tiny dependant. I actually even love waking up to go check on Jana in her (still) new room. I may not handle it so gracefully all the time but I do try to make the most of these moments. Losing sleep over this doesn’t matter one bit. I’d do it over and over again in a heart beat!


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