The Minimalism Challenge

So I follow an account on Instagram run by a couple of guys who call themselves theminimalists. It’s interesting what they’re doing to try and inspire people to live better lives devoid of worry, fear, guilt. Have a read about what Minimalism means here.

Now they set a challenge every month and I’ve decided to follow or try to follow at least!

The challenge:

This month, each day you have to get rid of one item you own. So day one, you get rid of one thing. Day two, two items. Day three, three and so on and so forth! It can be anything; tools, decoration, clothes, shoes, toys! Each material possession must leave your house by midnight that night!

It gets more challenging by week two, let’s see how long I can keep it up!

Follow my challenge here on my blog or over on Instagram to see how I do.

We all know how attached we can be to our material possessions, it’s difficult to let go sometimes.

What I Hope to Achieve:

I want to be able to detach myself from these material possessions. I want to declutter my home and my mind at the same time. Since we’ve moved to our new home it’s been easy to track down everything we have in the house. I have a mental map that can tell you exactly where everything is kept. Our new purchases means there is more in the house and our drawers are getting cluttered. I also want to decrease screen time for myself somehow in this process. I’d like to believe it will be easy to get rid of items everyday from my house and that I’m not attached to anything but the relationships I’ve built with family and friends. I have a feeling this will be a discovery and a new me.


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