Being a Minimalist

It’s day four of the challenge, I initially thought it would be harder towards the end of the challenge when I have to get rid of 20 items or more in a day but I’m already struggling to choose what to give/throw away. I’ve started with items that are brand new or hardly used – gifts that are still boxed up, Victoria secret creams that I used to buy regularly (stopped using for a while now) brand new items that were taking up space in the guest room drawers. Also got rid of two pairs of shoes. I’m leaving the clothes/cupboard ‘clean up’ til later where I’ll do a massive sweep of all things I can part with, for towards the end of the month!

I don’t expect to make a big transformation this month with the things I part with because it’s my first step. I’m happy that I decided to take part, at least. I have a regular clean up of items on a regular basis anyway. The challenging part will be refraining from buying new items!

One good thing today, that came out of searching through my things, I found about £50 in Qatari riyals in my old wallet! I’ll take that as a sign to spend some on myself.


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