Minimalism Journey So Far

As we approach the end of the third week I have a confession to make! It’s not that I had items I just couldn’t part with – turns out, you actually need a lot of time to sort through your belongings! I was itching to clear out my drawers and wardrobes and just wasn’t finding enough time or the right time even. When I had some time to myself, baby would be napping in the bedroom which meant I couldn’t go creating a racket in that room. This left me with the guest room (where I’ve stuffed extra clothes, traditional wear etc) I managed to work through those but won’t count those as out the door yet because they are still sitting in the room (planning to give those to my mum because she has sources she can distribute to)

For now, I managed to clear twenty eight items in the first week and seventy seven for week two (which includes a tiny percentage of me clearing out Jana’s playroom) The only problem right now, I’m running a bit behind on week three which can prove to be disastrous. I have more items to get rid of compared to earlier on in the month.

I never really knew this until I read about minimalism and decided to go down this path, I have always been a minimalist at heart. My husband always asks me why I give away my old wardrobe instead of holding on to clothes or shoes. I own only enough to get me through the season. I’m not obsessed with accessories or hair products (only recently trying to take better care of my skin which resulted in a lot of new skincare products!) The only other reason I’ll have an excess of something that I can’t get rid of will be because they have been gifted by someone close to me, who wouldn’t appreciate that I, so casually, gave it away. I am ready to pack bags full for my last couple of weeks in this challenge just need to take a big chunk of time to do it all in one go. Doing it everyday is proving to be next to impossible in terms to taking time out!

Wish me luck!!


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