Super Simple DIY Ramadan Calendar

Last year, I was lucky enough to find a fun calendar to do that was perfect for Janas’ age. It had stickers and was brightly coloured and we got to add some fun things to do in her goody bags for every day. This year, I’ve tried to be a bit more organised and thought it would be a fun activity to make a calendar ourselves – seeing as my little toddler has become even more hands-on and in need of crafty things to do!

I happened upon a very beautiful instagram page by Zair Zabr PlayThis is the link to her website where this momma has kindly shared some beautiful ways to either create or buy reasonable (and some not so reasonably priced) ramadan calendars.

The calendar we created at home was inspired by her post on a make-at-home calendar. All we need are the following things:

  • A2 foam board 
  • Coloured envelopes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker

That’s how simple it’s going to be.

I like involving Jana to be part of the process of most things, if I can help it. I really wanted her to get excited about the coming month and so to add a little something for her to do, I wrote out the letters to spell Ramadan and had her colour, collage, paint, draw on top of so we could add this to our project. She’s got some very interesting ideas (more then usual these days!) that she likes to test out (and you can NOT throw any of her ‘art’ away, even if it is just a blob of paint on the table because it upsets her terribly that you didn’t understand her art!!) We stuck the letters at the top of the foam board. Just for the sake of team work, we had an assembly line where I would add glue behind the letters and Jana would stick them down.

We have a very limited variety for craft supplies here, sometimes we just have to make do. The envelopes I got were too big to fit 30 (for 30 days) on our board (it was either big colourful ones or plain white small ones) so I had to cut them in half and in all honesty they worked better as a pouch for toddler hands. Again, we created an assembly line. I did the folding and cutting and Jana had to close the edges up. (we quickly had to swap roles because she realised I was doing all the work) I added numbers in front of them, once they were stuck on and there you have it! Get the kids as involved as you like because planning what goes inside these pouches will be something you have to do on your own!

What I’m putting inside the pouches:

  • 30 Good deeds for 30 days
  • One word from a Surah to discuss each day. I’m not sure if we can get through one each day so I’m thinking of doing one for two days or maybe three. I got the free printable from this beautiful blog.
  • A small treat.
  • And one the side I’ll have her activity pack to do. This is a pack of things I compiled to keep her busy during this month.


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