Minimalism and The KonMarie Method

Due to my nature, I am a born minimalist. I have an innate love for clear spaces and capacity for organising. Since my conscious journey to live minimally and make conscious decisions when purchasing and keeping items in my home, I’ve found it liberating to live in a clutter free home. It’s also soothing for my soul to know where everything is kept in the house and I mean EVERYTHING. Everything has its place and I can pretty much find it within minutes, if not seconds. Read about my Journey to Minimalism.

Owning less items makes for clearer head space but my all time favourite thing about having less clutter in my home is, of course, less items to clean up! The playroom has recently acquired too many items and desperately needs a purge. I just need to find a time slot in order to push through it.

I watched the Marie Kondo series (because why would I not) and I instantly thought ‘I do this! Except for the folding and the saying goodbye. And the sparks of joy.’ I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who does that! It is so simple yet so brilliant (and mostly so popular because of her own personality!) since watching the show, I have incorporated taking out a few minutes in my day to fold and properly put away clothes. I’ve found it to be calming. It’s added a touch of stillness to the day whereas all my other activities involving me being on my toes constantly. It’s not just the kids clothes I do this for, I actually take out some time to do my own wardrobe (I hardly take out time to do jobs like this for myself. This is a big deal.) I go as far as colour co-ordinating too! It’s therapeutic to come to a clean wardrobe and chose something to wear for the day.

So here’s the deal with her method:

  • It encourages you to have a good purge of everything you own in the house usually starting with clothes. For me personally, I’ve been doing this since forever. My husband tells me off like a little kid for giving everything I own (my mum used to do this before I was married) but I can not stand having too many items to chose from. I am already indecisive. I do not need more options in my life!
  • Clear head space – like I mentioned before, having clutter can often lead people to have anxiety. If you’ve seen the show the couples/families bicker due to the build up of unwanted items in their homes. Once they go through the process of giving up unwanted items and declutter their home, they are able to focus their attention on their relationships.
  • Only keep items that spark joy! I haven’t had to actually go through this part of the process consciously. I am already hardwired to keep things that either hold a purpose or make me happy!
  • Saying thank you and goodbye when parting with things. I don’t do this part either, however I am conscious of what I’m giving away and visualise who I want it to go to.

I always try and compare the way people do things to the Islamic way of life. My minimalism journey fit in nicely with that and so does the KonMari method.

Cleanliness is a vital part of Islamic life. Islam places great stress when it comes to cleanliness making it an essential part of our faith.

Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has said in one Hadith ‘cleanliness is half the faith’

In order to help be more focused on important things like my Salah (prayer) I need less distractions around me. For me, it’s a lot to do with the space I pray in. It is such an intimate act and so it requires the right kind of energy to help me focus.

One of the five pillars of Islam is charity. This not only puts us in someone else shoes to help make us realise how helpful we can be but also works in saying goodbye to items we have decided to part with. I don’t only get rid of unwanted items, I also include things that I love or sometimes are brand new.

You don’t need to be a minimalist in order to use the KonMari method. However, you cannot be a minimalist and not use Marie kondos techniques in organising because it would simply not make sense.

Happy organising!


4 thoughts on “Minimalism and The KonMarie Method

  1. maryamihassan says:

    This has your name written all over it. Even if you didn’t write it, I would have tagged you in it lol. And here I am, the complete opposite. I have things in every corner of every room but I still know what is where πŸ˜€


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