A Piece of my Mind

There are certain conversations you have with people that leave you feeling inadequate. Or at least question how you feel about said issues in your life. You ponder so deeply on the things you could have/should have said but also wonder rethink and discuss options for your family.

The question on education is quite a big question mark. What education are you seeking for your children? What does education mean to you? Is it enough for them to go to the best schools that will eventually guide them on their way to Ivy League institutions? Or are you in favour of a completely different form of learning? What does learning mean to you?

It bothers me that for some people education can be just that. A stamp of approval from a federation that assess all institutions according to a certain standard (because individuality means next to nothing). Having said that I recognise that how you wish to educate your child is a very personal matter and something that differs from family to family. However these individuals will later join society. It will be exactly that education which will benefit them or render them useless.

Education starts (and in my opinion, ends) at home. There never comes a time in a child’s life where they stop learning from their family. Any learning sought from institutions is done on a varying pace and different level of understanding as per the individual level. To assume that sending your child to a certain school will help them gain the same sort of achievements as previous students, sounds illogical.

I find myself constantly in a position where people feel the need to impose their educational beliefs on me. Every household is so different in how they want to bring up their children and what methods they’ve chosen to go about it. I take what I think fits into my perspective of education that I want to instil in my little me’s. I don’t want to impose the methods I’ve chosen for my family but would actually like to discuss and compare how things are working for you. Let’s not be aggressive in pushing our views on anyone.

Having a discussion about it, however is healthy because this allows you to look get a little peak into someone else’s thought process and how they chose to educate and bring up their children. I am more of a listener but sometimes by not speaking up I’m mistaken for not having put any thought into the education of my children. It couldn’t be more wrong. Like most mums, who spend most of their time looking after their young ones, I spend a great deal of my time trying to find mediums to incorporate into their everyday lives so it’s educational and most importantly beneficial with my main focus being around religion.

What does learning look like in your house? I would love to hear all about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “A Piece of my Mind

  1. maryamihassan says:

    I think as a mother all you can do is be firm on your stance. This is a never ending story of people and their opinions even when the girls are 30 🙄.
    You stand strong and sometimes it’s best to listen because not everyone has that skill of listening so even if you had spoken on this occasion, that person probably wouldn’t have heard a thing.


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