Sunday: Latest With the Girls

Here’s a little update on both the girls right now because, we’ll, it’s been a long time coming!

As of September, Jana started KG!

She’s five and a half years old, loves to talk non stop, very much into her electronics and a newly discovered love of video games (thanks Sultan). She loves being artsy but her real talent lies in numbers. Likes solving math equations: addition, subtraction & some timetables too. She was very quick at picking up how to read. Started showing interest quite early on, before she turned five. By the time she was five she’s started attempting reading small words. She now enjoys reading her short stories under her, recently purchased, bed side lamp.

Outside of academia, she’s very innovative in the kitchen. Her speciality is her basil and cherry tomato salad. She also very happily loves to help tidy up. She loves getting hugs and kisses from her baby sister which absolutely makes her day! It can also be a disaster when she is refused her hugs and kisses because then it’s the ‘worst day ever!’ She’s my number one always & forever (even though she’s at a very annoying age right now)

Now let’s talk about Haya! I am officially (as of two years ago) not only Janas mummy but also Hayas mummy!

Haya is the cheekiest little monkey I have ever seen. She was born with a wonderful sense of humour. She’s two years old and the best company you could ask for. She follows closely in Janas footsteps, watches her every move and imitates it. So, naturally she’s also a chatterbox. She can count to ten (had to learn while playing hide and seek all day long!) She’ll remember things that you never even knew you said out loud in front of her! Loves climbing and hanging upside down, loves cooking in her kitchen set and looking after her babies but also loves building train tracks to play with her train set. Her favourites are dressing up as a princess or a firefighter. Loves poking at anything creepy or crawly! Obsessed with cats and just how much she wants to give them all a hug!

I’m lucky I’m busy with these two most days Alhamdulilah.

4 thoughts on “Sunday: Latest With the Girls

  1. maryamihassan says:

    Made me want to speak to the girls after reading this ❤ You forgot to mention Jana's crazy laugh that is contagious and Haya's sparkle in the eyes when she gives you eye contact and makes you feel like you're the only one in the world that matters to her XD


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