Update on my Minimalistic Lifestyle

Ever since my conscious journey to minimalism started, I have been able to take those principles with me and apply them to all areas of my life. Owning less makes for a stress free environment and also a tidier space!

Doing it with two under five year olds can be challenging. We are blessed with family and friends who constantly shower them with gifts to show their love. This is a beautiful gesture but at the same time can lead to a pile of unused toys/clothes. As grateful as I am for these thoughtful gestures, I hate having to waste anything that someone can put to better use so I sort out extras that we can do without by either putting them away for a different time or, if it’s clothes that will soon be too small to use, I pass onto someone who is more in need of it then I am. Same goes with brand new toys, shoes etc I try and make sure I give away brand new items mostly. My regular, monthly clean up also includes used items though but in good condition. The rest we try to reuse or recycle.

In terms of new items that we purchase, I try to find brands that are ethical. We try not to purchase big bulky plastic items of any sort (apart from the kids ikea table and chairs) and stick to items that will last for a very long time but are also recyclable.

A minimalist approach works very well with being eco conscious too. It makes you aware of the things you do buy and where it comes from. Owning less means your more invested in the selected items you will display, or wear etc The wonderful, Shehzeen over at Desi Wonderwoman is doing a superb challenge on the ways to be more conscious in reducing plastic waste in everyday items. If more influencers made it a point to be vocal about issues that matter, we could make a huge difference. Together.

Minimalism starts by reducing the amount of items you bring into your life first and foremost. The truth of the matter is that you most likely have everything you truly need. If you can walk away from the temptation to impulse buy and tell yourself you’ll come back, it’ll help you realise whether you actually needed that item in your life at all!? Let’s not forget the fact that you just saved money.

Reuse – living with kids who like to create all the time you find materials that can be reused to make into something useful! I do invest a lot into the toys I buy for my kids but having said that, I will also spend a lot of time researching ways I can reinvent something they already own. Or creating something out of cardboard because kids love anything made out of cardboard! Always.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It can be as simple as that.

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