My Journey With Reduced Plastic Usage

It’s well into the second year since the time I decided to make a conscious effort of reducing plastic waste that me and my family release onto this planet. I am not saying that we are 100% plastic free but we are definitely more conscious about it which is the biggest step.

One of the things I’ve realised living in the Middle East, is that people have next to no knowledge about the impact of plastic use or the alternatives available. It’s very frustrating trying to explain to the cashier at check out, that I do not need double bagging on my goods especially when I’ve made all that effort to avoid plastic wrapped foods only to be forced to use a bag for the, already packaged, nappy bag!! I can simply put it into my trolley and be on my way. Alas, they are not at fault either. It is a lack of education available in this part of the world. The kind that imbeds the importance of reduced plastic waste. So as much effort as I try to make, I still feel frustrated most days when I see how carelessly plastic is still being used in this part of the world.

My home items mainly contain wooden furniture, which is not only long lasting but also reuse-able and recyclable too. We tend to invest in good quality products that we hope to own and use for the foreseeable future.

Buying groceries is always a tough one as a lot of food is pre packaged and even when effort has been made to use minimum plastic, it still ends up with a sizeable landfill to dump. Most of the time I opt staying clear of any and all packaging when it can be helped! Buying fresh, buying from farmers markets, using your own bags/mesh bags, being able to say no when offered countless plastic bags!!

Being eco minded can mean a lot of things for different people. It can be simple things that you might not have given a thought to before ie turning lights off when you exit a room, keeping bathroom doors closed when the air conditioning is on in the house, try keeping only one AC on that cools the house as opposed to most of them especially when your leaving the house to go out. Opening car windows instead of air con when possible, don’t leave the car running when waiting, these are all small changes you can make today in your fight for climate change.

The biggest benefit of being eco conscious will be for us! And for our children. So let’s try and make the small changes today in order to make bigger changes tomorrow. šŸŒ

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