Travel Diary – Photo Post – Seychelles

We visited Seychelles for the first time when we became a family of four, in February of 2018. After much motivation from my side, I have finally managed to put this together.

With young kids, we always like to make sure part of our trip involves some down time where we do nothing but just be with each other. My husband and I both have an increasing appetite for adventure so we don’t want to miss out trying new things. We also don’t let kids be the reason we can’t travel to a certain place. We took a small plane from the main Island in Seychelles to arrive at our hotel, went trekking in the jungle, right in the middle of Praslin at Vallee de Mai, took a small speedboat with a 6 month old breast fed baby to go to an island 30 minutes away, hired bikes around la Digue and rode around like locals, celebrated Janas 4th birthday by visiting the giant tortoises in Curieuse island and just chilled at the beach at Ansè Lazio. It was spectacularly fun.



Vallee De Mai



La Digue



Anse Lazio



Can You Spot the Crab?





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