Things I Want To Achieve This Month

I have recently found the value of setting yourself personal goals and I’m trying to implement that into all aspects of my life. I am changing habits, replacing bad ones with better ones. I recently read some very wise words on a fellow bloggers page. She said when trying to add new good habits, try and add them to an already established habit e.g. if waking up for Fajr is something easy for you, follow that up with memorising the Quran, if evenings are the time of day where you are most productive, make that the time where you jot down all your to-do’s for the next day/week before you sit and chill with Netflix! This way there’s more chance of that habit sticking to one that you’re already good at doing.

A month is not nearly enough time to set myself up with some big goals, but I am attempting to add new good habits to my routine (realistic goals people!) so let’s go:

1. Going to Bed Early

The past ten days or so, I have accidentally been falling asleep super early while trying to get the girls to bed. This has resulted in some fantastic new habits. I wake up in time for Fajr full refreshed and ready to start my day, Alhamdulilah! These habits are hard to stick to because realistically, I can not be sleeping at 7pm because hello!? I have a third child: the husband. So even though it’s been super fun, I am going to try and stick to a more realistic time of 9pm and see how that goes.

2. My Productive Hour

This is the first thing in the morning BUT before everyone wakes up, when it’s just me and myself. I have my little diary that I write all my life goals, ideas, to-do lists etc when I get them so I don’t forget the little details. It helps me keep on top of things. I also pen down reminders as to why these things are important to me. I usually feel very passionately about something at that time and forget later why it was so important that I do a certain thing on a certain day!! I put encouraging quotes in there for myself 🙂 This hour before dawn and the time before the rush of life starts is the moment where I can get things done and also take a breather is what I need to make the most of.


3. Sticking to My Goals

These are very basic goals but I’m setting very realistic goals for myself that I can stick to and that I can add to as the months go on, inshAllah. It is oh so important for me to be able to have that early start because it is absolutely everything to me!

Why don’t you join in and write some of your own goals that you’ve been trying to achieve for some time but unable to for whatever reason. Keep it to a simple 1 or 2 points (add more if you think it’s something you can handle!) and let’s do this together!

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