Counting with Finger Painting – Toddler Activity

This ones finally very into painting and getting a bit messy (hands only!) so instead of doing the usual freelance painting we decided to do a number activity. 

I made a little chart starting from number 1 through til 8 because frankly that’s all I had space for! But you can do numbers 1-10 or 10-20 if that’s the numbers your going through with your tot. 

I then asked her to paint the appropriate number of dots along the margin of that number. It kept her busy counting and adding. I added another sheet where we added numbers together. It wasn’t as fun as the counting but she picked it up pretty quickly – enough to get through the worksheet! 

And of course in the end we painted our hands and did hand prints on some paper! Yay. 

Follow the Lines – Toddler Activity

Here I am trying to find ways to teach my toddler the shapes of the letters considering I want to send her to school this year for various reasons that were unforeseen! (Otherwise she’d be home until she turned 6!) anyway, having said that, I noticed she had already developed an interest in writing her names. Notice I said names, not name. It includes all her pretend names too e.g. Princess poppy, holly (from ben and holly) to name a few. She wrote out a perfect H-O-L-L-Y on a card we made for dad on return from his trip, even though it was all positioned the wrong way around, the letters were perfect! She only needed help remembering what a Y looked like. 

So I thought it’s a good time to make some letter games up with her. She’s always pestering me and I wish I could be more creative on a moments notice! I saw this on a fellow bloggers page. 

I wrote out her name in capital letters on a big piece of paper. I then gave her colourful stickers in different shapes (even one shape will do, I used these because that’s all I had) then I asked her to follow the lines using the stickers and it kept her busy for a long while mummies! Great for when your trying to get some chores done, it will keep them busy long enough for you to get some time alone!  

Toddler Activity – Rainbow Math Activity

I found that baby J picked up number activities, rather quickly, ever since she was little so I’ve been searching for math activities for her to make it more fun. I came across this on Nurture store – a kids learning site that is full of resources for all age groups. 

Jana and I both browsed the internet for activities we wanted to do (and had the materials for) when we came across this. She liked the fact it was so colourful I think! 

We always put any recyclable materials into the art drawers in her playroom because you just never know what you can turn them into! So of course we had plenty of toilet rolls to play around with. 


  • 6-8 toilet rolls
  • Paints or coloured card
  • Pom poms 
  • Children’s tweezers

How it works:

I altered this slightly from the original but it can work depending on what materials you have and what your child loves working with. 

First we painted our toilet rolls in bright rainbow colours. For this part you can always just stick coloured cardboard around the top. We then cut out some paper for the numbers that we stuck on top of the toilet rolls. 

Jana loves using the scissors and she did a pretty good job cuting out the tracing of the circles I did for her. Great fine motor practise here. 

Once these are all dried you can start using for your play. We used Pom poms. Jana used her tweezers to count the correct number of Pom poms to put into each roll. We went on to do some addition with these. Depending on the age of your children you can vary how difficult the games can be. You can do subtraction too. 

Lots of fine motor practise while playing with numbers. 

Previous STEM activity Cloud In a Jar 

Does It Get Easier As They Grow Older?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately because of the constant attention Jana has been demanding from me. It is literally driving me insane. It’s not that she didn’t demand this attention before – I’ve just not been myself, not feeling 100% – which is making her a bit insecure about how I’ve been treating her. This in turn, is making her grumpy and just plain annoying! 

I’ve just had a very short (almost) three years with my ONE toddler (inshallah many more years to come) and yes, there are super mums out there who have three under fives and still manage to run their house perfectly whilst balancing their love life and in laws etc what I’m trying to say is – everyone is going through different periods of change in their lives that allows them to, slowly, prepare for the challenges their life is bringing to them. Mine right now, are to deal with just this little tot while I deal with being unwell. 

It doesn’t get easier as they grow older. It just…changes. It’s true, her questions are more in depth and getting harder. The problems she has are harder to deal with. When I envision myself with her as a teenager, I sometimes get scared of what I’ll have to deal with but also sad that I may not get all the hugs and kisses I get swamped with every day and night and the fact that I’m her whole world right now may not be so true when she’s so independent. So we try to appreciate all the little moments we have together. I believe day to day life does get easier but the challenges get harder. 

When baby J was turning two she went through the ‘boundary testing’ age (I like to call it that because terrible twos feels like name calling!) and we learnt how to deal with that together and looking back now, the little patience I needed to cope with a few moments was well worth it. She learnt to be calmer then she used to and deal with things in a better way then screaming and throwing tantrums. 

We’re approaching the three year mark and I can see changes that are possibly even confusing for Jana herself. My lack of patience makes her jittery and anxious which is not what I want at all. In these little moments if I show a little patience and love to when she has a meltdown over something of great importance to her, she realises there is more then one way to deal with a situation and that I’m there to listen and help when she needs me. These issues may not make a difference to us (or we may not see the importance) but if we disregard their feelings on these issues early on, they might believe we are not to be trusted with bigger issues later on in their lives. So it’s important to take their feelings into account and treat them with the respect we expect from them. 

At some point they will begin sleeping through the night – maybe not every night but enough to bring you out of chronic sleep deprivation and you will feel less tired, less moody and become more of the woman you remember. 

At some point they will buckle their own seat belts, tie their own shoe laces, brush their own teeth and put themselves to bed. It will be a treat to take them out for dinner and not just a lot of work for you when going on holidays. 

When all this happens, you will have remarkable little people to laugh with and share your life with and that’s when you will start to miss all the things that are making your life not so easy right now! 

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel all the time but remind yourself of these little moments and the fact that this time will fly by so be grateful every day for the time you get to spend with the little hands and feet in your house. (As I am trying to do right now by addressing this post!) May you find light in every single age and every single stage. 

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

It’s been a while since I updated what I’m into these days and having reread my last post on ‘Things I Love’, I don’t seem as random as I once thought I was! So let’s see:

  • I mentioned I was really into Islamic geometry in the last post and tomorrow is my last lesson in an Islamic geometry class that I started a month or so ago. I didn’t really know just how OCD I was about keeping in line or having everything symmetrical in my artwork (no wonder I couldn’t just let go when trying to get in the zone!) until I started this. Let me tell you, I feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I’m working on a piece. It may not be for everyone, but for me, I am completely in the zone with my ruler and colouring pencils – I think I found my niche!


  • I’m still not super passionate about being in the kitchen every single day but I have taken a step in the right direction. Baby J and I planted our very own vegetable seeds and already have some sprouts – fingers crossed – they won’t die on us! I’ve been keeping an extra close eye. The weather is simply perfect right now – the right amount of sun and attention from me might just be all it takes. (singing and talking to plants never hurt anyone either right?)


  • My pile of books are growing larger by the day and I love the nerdy side of me. I seem to be combining my love for books and house decor by taking over any wall space in the house to put up shelves for books! Whether it’s cook books, baby J’s books, my books, Saqib’s books and oh of course, baby books! So far, height order will do but I feel a sense of OCD bleeding over from my love of symmetry – I predict the need to chronologically organise everything coming up. Oh dear God.


  • My new obsession would probably be the love to bring all of the natural outdoor goodness into my house. Anything green that purifies air needs to be inside my house. I’ve got all sizes big, small, tall, shruby, spiky, succulents, terraniums, bushy, oudoorsy, eadible and I’m considering adding a live wall on the stairway with the beautiful light coming in for most of the day! It’s beginning to look like a jungle and I love it. Saqib on the other hand isn’t very happy about the sudden increase in insects inside the house. I didn’t even notice and to be fair – it is just the one plant that seems to attract them all! (might need moving to the back garden)




Go over to my post from earlier on in the year and see how scary it is that I’ve managed to keep my interests in fairly one direction. It must mean I’m growing up.