Minimalism Journey

I can write and tell you that I failed to get rid of all the items (especially in week three and four) the numbers are too high to mention and although it feels like a failure, it most definitely is not. Yes, I failed to take out the said number of items per day but … Continue reading Minimalism Journey


Funny Life 

It's past midnight and I am caught in a funny realisation at how quickly life changes. How quickly situations change and, in turn, how a person can change. A while ago I was sat across my bedroom, on another bed, waiting for my mother in law to fall asleep. She has quite a big personality … Continue reading Funny Life 


Everytime I read a super awsome blog by a super aswome mother with high definition images to go with all detailed experiences, it makes me want to blog even more but I struggle to stay motivated. I think the key to staying motivated is to keep reading. Keep reading. Keep giving your output on what … Continue reading Rantings.